Who I am

Stories are at the core of all types of communication
– no matter if it is journalism,
campaigns or a social media post – and I
enjoy telling stories. Stories about you, me
or someone else. Stories that makes you
smile, laugh or shed a tear. Stories that
inspire you to tell your own.

The stories I created as PR & Communication
manager for the WW2 game Heroes
& Generals – an online free-to-play
multiplayer shooter, helped grow the
number of registered users from 8 to 14
million, Facebook followers from 45.000 to
70.000+ and streamlined communication
bringing consistency to the output.

My many years as a freelance journalist
writing for magazines, newspapers and
websites with vastly different target
groups provides me an intuition for the
right stories and how to make them work
on different platforms.

This skill is further strengthened by having
done a lot of graphic design on magazines
and books, granting me a keen eye for
the visual and a understanding of how
all elements of campaigns and content
production comes together.


Please check out my LinkedIn profile for a complete resume.