Click the image to download the SoMe calendar for geeks.

There are a number of different reasons for you as a company to use social media; engagement, lead generation, sales, brand awareness and so forth. The why and the how should be part of your overall communication and marketing strategy – if you don’t have one I would be happy to help you with that.

For now I just want to point out the obvious fact of being a company on social media – your competition out there are not other companies but rather your followers’ friends and acquaintances.

To keep your social media presence alive you need to create and share content that your followers want to spend as much time on as they spend on their friends’ posts about pets, food and children. You need to create posts they want to share as part of their overall conversation on social media.

Coming up with ideas for regular content can be hard work – and making use of the way too many more or less official days of the year can be a great asset in the creative process.

That is why this calendar is not meant as a guide but merely as an inspirational tool if you do social media within games, comics, tech and similar geek industries – what works for you is of course tightly connected to your tone-of-voice, brand, resources etc. and not for me to say.

I would however encourage everyone who works in social media to do two things. One is to once in a while take a stand on something actually important. Second is to let a little stupid and crazy into your communication – it makes the world more fun.

Click this link to download the Social Media calendar for geeks (pdf).

Thomas Berger

Great communication and marketing are based in stories worth telling – stories about you, me or someone else. Stories about products and features. Stories that makes you smile, laugh or shed a tear. Stories that inspire you to tell your own.